help guide



The links on my site are this blue colour. When you hover your mouse over the links, they turn this red colour. Any new links will be surrounded by *. In the screenshot you can see a new link, a mouse hovering over the new link, and below it another link.
Selecting a new photo table
Each photo page usually has a number of photos, too many to fit on one page. So to show the next load of photos, you click the little numbers. You can jump to any photo table at any time just by clicking the number.
Displaying the photo
When you see a small photo that you want to see, then just click the photo and it will be displayed bigger in the main area of the screen. Please be patient though, as the photos are quite big, so may take a while to download.
Minimising and maximising windows

If you have small screens, then you may want to make more room on the side bar, so by clicking the little up and down arrows you can minimise and maximise the window.
Getting back to the home page
If you get lost, and want to get back to the home page to start your adventure again, then all you have to do is either click on the logo, or click on the little house icon on the top right.

- click to close window -